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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Soccer

On Sundays, in the late afternoon, we have grown into the habit of "family soccer", a relaxed time of exercise and fun together. Our kids play almost every other day with their skilled friends, but on Sundays they enjoy being the stars of the show at home. This year most of the single people on the team have joined us at one point or another . . and this summer even the interns, neither of whom had any particular prior interest, fell into the routine. It was Doug's idea I think to create the last-Sunday challenge, Myhres vs. Singles. Since both Nathan and Ashley were all-American athlete soccer players in college, we did not agree lightly, but banked on Luke's return and Caleb's growing skill, combined with Jack and Julia's solid playing, to at least give us a chance (and you would never guess Scott is twice the age of everyone on the other team to see him go at it .. . ). The final score was 10 to 10, in about an hour and a half of very evenly traded goals, though it could have been way less even I'm sure if Nathan had not mercifully restrained himself against most of us and only unleashed his real self on Luke. Or as we prefer to say, the score was "fun to fun". We did come out of the game with one more sprained ankle (Sarah this time), sadly. But otherwise it was great fun.

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Good times!!!