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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Semilki Forest Hike adventure, part 1

Here are Jack and Tim in front of the hot springs, an eerie area of sulfurous vents where boiling water steams up through cracks in the earth. We took the interns on a weekend camp-out in the Semiliki National Forest: hearing turacos and a flash of blue, watching monkeys chatter and drop through the trees, staring down baboons on the path, and every few minutes pulling viscious biting ants out of our skin. It was great. As the mosquitoes and dragon flies buzzed us around our campfire I told them it was an amazing thing to be sitting in what may be the epicenter of insect life on the planet! Lunch on the trail, thanking God for His creative powers and unfathomable might, and taking a break from the strenuous 7 hours of hiking and ant-battling. Julia always sticks right with the guide--nothing incongruous about a 12 year old learning to plait palm leaf fibres (used in making hats and mats) from a man in fatigues toting and automatic weapon. This board walk covers the open wetland around one of the hot springs . . the rest of the day we were in dense tropical rainforest.

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