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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Semilki Forest Hike adventure, part 2

This is the view of Congo , 10 km from our starting point . . . Not seeing any crocodiles (this is the very area where the biggest one on record was found) we went down and touched the water, then hiked 10 km back through the forest. On the way home, a peculiar clunking sound, which was not solved by a change in tires. No trip is simple here, but after extensive pondering, bolt-tightening, and a call to Scott we risked driving on home at a very slow speed (at one point I remarked that we were being passed by a butterfly). Now the Bat-mobile (aka former Bart-mobile, aka Zoolander) will wait for a mechanic to examine all the bushings and pronounce the verdict. We learned Heidi is pretty adept at popping the clutch for a roll start (the electrical system is also touchy on this vehicle, with temperamental starting and frequent random waves of the windshield wipers). Thankful to be home!

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Butterfly said...

Glad you got home safely. praying for you.