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Friday, July 17, 2009

Cheers, again!

Today was also a milestone for Caleb, his last day of classes at Christ School Bundibugyo. For the last four years he has stuck it out, taking Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math, Additional Math, and Computer Studies. Today the Senior Four students had their last regular class day, from here on out until the end of the term in August they will be in study time and then "mock" exams, preparing for the all-important national exams in October. Since Caleb will not sit for those, and instead enter RVA a year earlier than Luke did (in 10th grade at the end of August), it did not make sense for him to take the practice tests. We are proud of Caleb for learning to be the sole American in his class, the sole non-boarding student, the sole part- timer (he has continued to take his humanities classes with our Rwenzori Mission School teachers), several years younger than anyone else in his class. He has shown resilience and courage, as well, and helped bring diversity and challenge to his class mates (his teachers often assign him things to look up on the internet, and his class mates love to use his books or compare notes with him on problems). The end of an era for him, and yet the closing of this chapter heralds the opening of a new one. He's ready.


Karen said...

I am very proud of Caleb. He has been real trooper!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Caleb! Many have prayed for you and we are proud of your accomplishment!!