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Monday, November 16, 2009

Healed and Healing

Below see Jennifer, smiling with her grandmother, this 9-year-old had a severe hemolytic anemia and nearly died, but 5 blood transfusions, some steroids, and a week later she's on the way home. This is Kansime, the little girl whose mother began the death-wail on Friday when she thought her daughter was dead, now smiling and sitting and ready to go home after two blood transfusions and major malaria therapy. And above, M.T. who turned out to NOT have TB, and to NOT be HIV-infected from his mom, he was just HUNGRY. He's probably within a few days of reaching his target weight and going home. So thankful. And last one happy customer, the baby I mentioned whose mom I see singing to him, and kissing him. Seems he also just needed a nutritional boost and is nearly ready to go home. Praising God for these good stories today, because bearing witness means telling the happy endings, too.

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