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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How Soccer Explains the World . . .

. . is the title of a rather disappointing book. The best thing about it is the title, actually.
Scott thoroughly enjoyed traveling with Nathan to Kenya for the weekend, his early Birthday treat from our collective parents. They soaked in RVA life, touching base with some of our heros of mission (like a couple who are planning what to do for the Kingdom in their 8th decade . . ), strengthening friendships God has blessed us with over the years with fellow doctors working in Africa, and creating new relationship with a great couple we met through the Barts taking a sabbatical from Duke to teach for the year. But the real highlight was seeing Luke and Caleb play football, I mean soccer, in a tournament. I've only heard the stories and seen pictures, so Scott will have to give more details, but it looked like great community, effort, teamwork and fun.
Tuesday the varsity played their last game. Luke has been a starter most of the season, and recently was moved into a more central position. We talked to him after this last game and were surprised that though they tied 1 to 1, which knocked them out of the semi-finals for the league, he was completely satisfied with the game. The team worked very hard, played the best they had played all year, gave great effort and team-work and had some beautiful plays. He was satisfied with his performance and ended the year (actually his brief school-sports career) on a solid note, not losing though not winning, and focus on the process.
Then last night we got a message: miracle, there was confusion about the schedule and set-up, somehow the RVA team is back in the semi-finals.
I'm trying to take some heart from that story. Often our life is pretty much a tie, 1 to 1. We don't lose, but we don't see as much victory as we'd like either. We play our hardest and take joy in the teamwork, the community created in the common effort, the satisfaction of doing our best, knowing we can't usually control the outcome. But then, sometimes, God comes in and after we've rested from the game and changes the outcome, and we find ourselves unexpectedly in the championships.
Praying for that this weekend. Lots of effort has gone into the head teacher recruitment process, mostly by Scott, but of course many others too. Adverts, meetings, phone calls, poring through applications, prayer, more meetings. The top 7 of the 20 candidates will be interviewed on Saturday. None necessarily jump out as the obvious choice. And much rides on this decision. Staff are nervous. Missionaries are cautiously hopeful. Parents fear loss of control. Students fear increase in rules. We're playing hard, and the outcome seems to be a tie, hanging in the balance.
So please pray for us to reflect our son's mature attitude: contentment in the play, regardless of the outcome. But do also pray for the last-minute surprise from God. Pray we would see Him step in to break the tie and bring us through to the next stage.

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Caleb and Emily Designs said...

Definitely will be praying for you. Often it's when we trust God the most that He does His most marvelous work.
-Emily (Griswold)