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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sir Loin (2005-2009)

Sir Loin, fiercest bull in all of Bundibugyo District, died in his pasture of complications of a septic knee joint Saturday night. He was four (maybe). Sir Loin, widely known for his strength and savagery, was most highly regarded for his studmuffin, chick magnet abilities. The husband of DMC (Dairy Milk Chocolate) and the father of a Gernsey exotic known as "Truffle", he left his genetic mark on a district with few true blue-bloods. His owner, Dr. Myhre, dragged his 900 pound carcass to the nearest trash pit with his truck and pushed him in with the help of six strong men.


Sandy said...

Now that is truly funny!

Debbie said...

Ahhhh Sir Loin and I spent time communing through the fence when we visited Bundi in October. He graciously allowed me to take pictures of his large and wet nose as he ate the flowers I was trying to photograph. He will be missed as he has gone on to his lasting, free range reward.

Anonymous said...

So Funny!