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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving, take 2

Our WHM team celebrated an American Thanksgiving dinner a day late, in order to free up Thursday for the end-of-the-CSB-school-year events and the very thankful goodbye party honoring the Pierces, as well as Roselyn, a departing teacher (there was an honoring of Desmond as well, a very senior staff who has taught our kids math and feels the pull of family health issues may force him to leave . . but in the end of his goodbye speech he committed to staying for one more year! Hooray!). So Friday saw us butchering two turkeys (see picture below of RVA friends helping with feather removal), and in between staff meetings, rounds, and general survival preparing for a 27-person sit-down spread. Thankfully the whole team cooked up storms in their own houses, so when we put it all together, it was more than adequate, amazing actually that pecan pies and green bean casseroles and cranberry-studded stuffing could materialize in the heart of Africa. About a third of the group hailed from Uganda or other countries, so that was appropriate too, a celebration of survival and blessing amongst many cultures. Though everyone misses their extended families on days like this, it is one of God's good blessings that we have a team family with which to feast. And whenever we sit down to such a table, we are reminded of the final feast on the mountain for all nations with the Lamb (Is 25 and 65!).


Debbie said...

Love the surgical scissors tucked in amongst the turkey innards and parts.

Of course, I should also say how wonderful to celebrate Thanksgiving with such a diverse and close knit group of family.

PhotogMark said...

I miss having thanksgiving with you. I miss you too. Can we come back to Africa?