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Monday, November 16, 2009

In praise of teamwork

This is my dream team. Betty, who is a nursing aid but also a grandmother, knows everyone and everything about this place. Heidi, enough said, my can't-do-without person. Balyejukia, back from nursing school, competent and compassionate, a go-the-exra-mile man. Agnes, a woman of God who personifies Proverbs 31, abandoned by her husband, living far from her home district, responsible and capable. Assusi, nursing officer, completely trustworthy in clinical judgment AND personal character. Olupa, cheerful, hard-working, just back from maternity leave, wonderful to work with. I can't believe all six of them happened to intersect. If this could happen every day I have no doubt we'd be nearly in Heaven. Scott Will, who never complains, so thankful to be sharing the burden of patient care with him. Ndyezika, in the lab, saving lives by identifying malaria parasites and cross-matching blood for transfusions. Baguma Charles, heading out to one of the outpatient BBB sites with locally-produced gnut-soy-moringa leaf paste to be distributed to malnourished kids. Nathan should be in this picture too, but I missed him this morning. Loren, Salim, and Costa registering dozens of new pregnant ladies for antenatal care. All of these snaps are from the last hour or so, and as I look over them I am deeply grateful for those God has called alongside us to work here.

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