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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

D-day minus 6

D as in Departure, not Disaster or Destruction or Dissolution, I hope.
Monday we went to our last BundiNutrition Meeting, a nice time of closure to thank Pauline, Lammech, and Baguma Charles for their work. These three competent, committed, skilled people are the hands of World Harvest in our community in many ways, following up on goats, teaching about nutrition, weighing and screening kids, distributing local ready-to-use supplemental food, supervising chickens and eggs and demonstration gardens, encouraging and exhorting. They work hard, and bless many, and we are very grateful to have been their colleagues.
Monday evening, we had a "last supper" with our two houseworkers and their families. Baguma and Saulo smooth out our life here, washing clothes and the breakfast dishes, mowing the grass, keeping back the jungle, sweeping, advising, caring for us most mornings a week. We would not do much else besides survive if we did not have their help. Each of them uses their salary to support a wife and four kids. Though we've left them with an investment to help them become self-sufficient, it will not be easy for them when we leave.
Today we're preparing for our "yard sale", meeting visitors, praying, settling financial details. Still to come this week, last CSB staff Bible Study, last CSB chapel, last team meeting, last NHC staff Bible study, last day of school for kids. Last meal at home, last times with friends. You get the picture.
Please keep praying. God has graciously given us the sense that the timing is His. So many things have fallen together. We are overwhelmed with things to be thankful for. But this is, after all, still the Kingdom frontier. Luke has been quite sick with a fever high enough to cause mental confusion at RVA. Caleb is also not feeling very well. Got word today that one of our key supporters, who had planned to visit in July, had to cancel his trip to have heart surgery on Wednesday! And we sense the need for prayer to have words from God as we say our goodbyes.
So, D-day minus 6, and still very much in need of prayer.

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