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Monday, July 12, 2010

Out of Bundibugyo

Faithful to the end, our team in good African tradition "pushed" us to the airstrip. Along with many, many friends. And, according to Bamparana, ALL the boda drivers from Nyahuka, who swarmed there and stood by the plane to say goodbye. There were snaps and hugs, and big circle of prayer, then many tears. Again. For co-workers who are true friends. For kids whom we hate to leave behind. For brave team mates who will face the post-Myhre era, and make it the best yet. For a long era of life that has drawn to this point, a line drawn, sobbing as the little plane doors shut. For we will always be the Myhres from Bundibugyo, paradoxuganda, but the day-to-day existence in all its pain and glory is over. For now. Thanks for journeying with us.


Lee said...

You are right you will always be the Myhres from Bundibugyo. I have wept reading almost all of the post from the last week. I know you are excited but I also know the sadness you must be going through. Thanks you for loving others so well, especially my daughter, thank you for showing the people of Bundibugyo what Jesus really looks like.

Phil and Shanna said...

Congratulations, and thank you for showing us what it looks like to say good-bye well!

Cindy Nore said...

Many prayers from my heart to your family and the people who are carrying on your work there in Bundi. I wept along with you as I read this post. Well done, good and faithful servants, and I know God will use you in so many ways in the next phase of your life.

With love,

Jan B said...

Jennifer, thank you so much for all these departure posts. I, like the previous commenter, also am weeping after reading this last one.
I will be leaving my field in October after 15 years, and it has been so good to follow your process, as I will be there soon.
So much to praise God for in your leaving, wonderful to hear about the celebration yesterday.
Rich blessings and much grace upon you, Scott, Luke, Caleb, Julia and Jack!
Jan with MTW in West Africa

Pam McKee said...

I have prayed for you guys. I am sad to see you leave. Keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Having prayed for you all for years, I am quite emotional after reading the entries from your last ten days. I'll continue in my prayers for the beautiful people in Bundibugyo and for the beautiful Myhres as you leave this place. Blessings and love of Christ, Betsy Turnbull

Kate E. said...

I have been reading your blog for a couple years now (since the ebola outbreak) and have prayed for you all many times. I am not a missionary, but have been living in Scotland for three years and we are moving back to the States in a week--a smaller transition than you are going through, but a transition nonetheless. I have so appreciated your words about moving these past few weeks and I have so appreciated you putting a 'face' to the mission field for me as I felt I got to 'know' many people of Bundibugyo. May God bless you in this next phase of your life. I will continue to pray for you all and for Bundibugyo and the work of the Kingdom there.