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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Red Rover, Red Rover....bye, bye...

The Landrover Defender 130 has been our constant companion for almost 10 years. Kenyan law prohibits import of vehicles over 8 years old . . so we are sadly leaving Clifford the Big Red Truck behind. Many family adventures and rescues have occurred in this truck, not to mention some births. Our mechanic in Kampala has always asked us to sell it to him, so a couple of months ago Scott checked if he was serious, and he was. He transferred the money, and today we transfer the car.
Ironically we just found out that the car we thought we were borrowing for 5 months in the State and all our travel . . is actually only available for the first three weeks, and not for any of our longer trips. So we're in a limbo of wheel-less-ness, researching missionary leasing options on line.
Kampala is emerging today, after Monday and Tuesday being eerily empty and quiet here at the ARA, families are trickling back out. The death toll climbed to 77 as three more people succumbed to their injuries. The Ugandans have responded with courage and grace, as one might expect. Archbishop Orombi pointed people to Jesus death on the cross, blood spilled for humanity's rescue, and asked Ugandans to forgo revenge. President Museveni toured the bomb sites and the hospitals. The senseless cruelty seems to have steeled resolve to bring peace in Somalia rather than triggered calls for Uganda to withdraw.
So today we move about town in our truck for the last time, another end of an era, and beginning of a new one.

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Wendy said...

So many goodbyes! :( I know it means much more to you guys, but it's sad for us to say goodbye to Clifford too. I can't believe you're really out of Bundi for good, definitely the end of an era as you say. I had mixed feelings about your farewell dinner -- sad for you as you leave, but happy that it went well, gave glory to God, and honored the Myhres. You definitely deserve it. You guys have had amazing staying power and a very fruitful ministry to so many. Thanks for your faithfulness and trust in the Lord that's made it possible. Hope to see you soon on this side of the pond?!