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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back in Bundi

We are so grateful for the rich experience of family and team immersion for Christmas, from a white dinner under the moon in our rented yard in Kampala to the the fun of surprising each other with simple gifts and resting far from patients and crises.  This morning Garrett from MAF treated us to the best ever flight into Bundibugyo, threading through some unexplored Rwenzori folds as we topped the mountain passes and looked down on bamboo and heather, rocks and streams, dropped thousands of feet to float to a stop on the grass airstrip.  It was spectacular.  Not quite so fun to get home where a dead rat was decomposing by our bed (!) and one of our beloved family dogs is now so old and arthritic she could not rise to greet her devoted fans.  On the aistrip Scott met with some CDC people who confirmed that a woman with a miscarriage just before Christmas turned out to be positive for Ebola, and exposed numerous hospital staff by denying her history of fever and exposure to known cases.  Sigh.  Back to reality.  More later today, but all of us are grateful to be back home for a few days.

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Anonymous said...

I am bringing a team out to Uganda around a number of villages for a few weeks and obviously the outbreak of Ebola has been a of huge significance for our trip and so I have follwed your blog daily for past few weeks and it has proved both inspirational and informative. You have done amazing work to date and Im sure even more is ahead. Many thanks.