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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ebola Bundibugyo Monday Morning

The good news:  Jonah is improving.  Dr. Sessanga is still critically ill (down 10kg, 8 days of fever, barely talking) but the MSF doctor said the fact that he can still sit and even walk a little on day 8 is a good sign.  The cavalry is still a bit slow in arriving, only two came yesterday but more expected today.  Scott spent the entire day with them again.  16 admissions at BGO hospital, still 8 in Kikyo.  We now have the “Ebola Bible” manual for the epidemic and need to work today to shut down non-essential medical services that could spread the disease (like immunizations) and clarify which services are essential (the guidelines take a pretty hard core view of that, such as C section to save the mother only not the baby, due to the volumes of blood involved).  Had a good mini-advent time with team focusing on HOPE, on Mary’s song of God’s power in the weak and poor, of God turning impossible situations around.  We feel that.  This will be short, Scott is already at the airstrip at dawn with the new lawn mower which finally arrived, because in the midst of everything else we realize the airstrip is an essential part of logistics for help.  MAF comes at 3 pm to evacuate our non-medical team, and our kids, primarily to prevent the danger of them being infected by us should we fall ill.  I am dreading the moment and have great sympathy for mothers who give their babies up for adoption because they think it is best for their child.  But before that happens I need to pack for them, assuming at least three to four weeks away from home, possibly longer.  Thanks to all who are leaving encouraging messages, we see them and are grateful.


Craig and Lisa said...

We continue to lift you and Scott and the children - along with all of your team and your neighbors - in prayer and in confidence in God's providence even in these dark times. Our mission's committee is meeting to pray, and a church-wide prayer time is being planned - we want you to feel the reality of God's people wrapping their arms around you in prayer and petition. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer . . . we are praying for all you and the entire region for health, safety and a return to normal conditions. Please know my heart is with you and everyone else.
Roberta Simmons (Tennessee)

Jess said...

Just a stranger (although not in the Lord!) sending a brief message to let you know that you are cherished brothers and sisters, upheld by us in prayer. We feel powerless, but remind ourselves of His power and of the power of prayer in His name.