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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ebola Bundibugyo, the Thursday Night Numbers

Yesterday, the delight of anticipation of the end of the epidemic emerged. With only one Ebola patient resident between the two Isolation Wards, the end was in sight. Today, however, reality crashed in. Bundibugyo Hospital Isolation Ward had two new admissions and the one previous patient died. Kikyo had three new admissions, bringing to five the total number of suspected cases admitted to the two Isolation Wards. The one patient who died proved to be a laboratory confirmed case, the one who had been mistakenly admitted to Female Ward. There is a long list now of health workers who will be monitored for 21 days because of their exposure to that patient. The total cumulative cases: 139 Total deaths: 36 Case Fatality Rate: 25.9% Contacts to date: 643 Number who have completed their 21 day follow-up: 330 Number visited today: 235 A new reported statistic being reported: date when the most recent contact will finish their 21 day follow-up and the epidemic will be considered over: ~ January 17th.

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Anonymous said...

Still praying for all of you every day. You are brave, selfless warriors in the fight to bring health and healing to the forgotten in Uganda. Your sacrifices will not go unnoticed before the Lord of all provision, and I am asking Him daily to provide your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Thanks be to God that so many were spared from Ebola, and my prayers are ever with those who have lost a loved one, especially those brave and selfless medical workers like Dr. Jonah who gave the ultimate for God's glory.