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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

God in a box

Reading Job this morning, and that’s what the book is about.  Job’s friends try to put God in a box.  If you do A, God will reward you with B.  It is only in grief, tragedy, lament that real worship begins, not grasping God for His gifts but clinging to reality in the midst of confusion.  God does not answer with formulas but with poetry, not with explanations but with presence.  Today the churches will be praying and fasting for the end of the epidemic.  We ask for that.  But we don’t pretend that if there is enough outcry, then surely God will act the way we want.  No, we pray to say that we have not given up, that we still seek God’s presence in the face of loss.

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Rob Peck said...

It is amazing that we are so close... just on the other side of the Lake Victoria. We are praying for you and have been inspired in seeing God's love living through you. We hope that we will never have to face anything like Ebola. But we realize that this is a possibility and live with the hope that God can enable us to do all things. Just as He has enabled you.