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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ebola Bundibugyo, Not Going Away

The Sunday night numbers while not huge continue to cause concern... I failed to reach the Task Force Meeting due to mechanical motorcycle problems, but got the report second-hand from a very reliable CDC source... Current Admissions: Bundibugyo Hospital, 5; of which there were three new admissions. All of the new admissions managed to somehow filter through the Triage System and were admitted to the Bundibuygo Hospital General Wards. After displaying symptoms suggestive of Ebola (high fever, vomiting and diarrhea) each of the three were subsequently transferred to the Isolation Ward. Patients seem to be hiding their symptoms and/or history of contact with cases because of fear of admission to the Isolation Ward. Consequently, more health workers are being inadvertantly exposed to Ebola. This is a huge problem that has eluded a definitive solution. Kikyo has 2 current cases. Total Cumulative: 146 Deaths, Cumulative: 36

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Anonymous said...

Dear Drs. Scott, Jennifer and family, The San Francisco Chronicle Sunday edition 12/30 ran a long article about the Ebola outbreak and some Bay Area women of "Neighbors Without Borders" helping Bundibugyo people. The article lists your blog website which is how I found it along with your dramatic posts. You are doing amazing work. We are sorry to read about your dog amid all the difficulties there. We met you 9/05 during our stay with the Massos and climbed Ngite Falls with Luke who looks a foot taller now! God Bless and be careful. Stan & Marshall Knight, Napa, CA