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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last day of 2007

2007, a year of blessings and sorrows, a year of life, in review. . . . .

Blessings in Health

  • New Paediatric and Maternity Ward opened officially
  • BundiNutrtition:  God provided the funds, Stephanie’s work in sustainability, more goats, and miraculous recoveries
  • Kwejuna Project reaches 10,000 pregnant women, funding extended, Pamela’s connection with TBA’s
  • Opening of the Butogho water line serves the neediest part of the district

Blessings in Education

  • Christ School football and track both took teams to nationals, boost to student morale
  • Leadership development made great strides at Christ School; Kevin’s discipleship of teachers
  • Process of re-opening school after disturbances (see below) strengthens community support

Blessings in the Church

  • The book of Acts in Lubwisi was dedicated in June
  • The church responded to the Ebola Epidemic with fasting, prayer, and grappling with God’s word in a healthy way.  
  • National leadership growing in grace and spirit.

Blessings in Expansion of the Kingdom

  • Two team trips to Sudan led to the Massos sensing a call to that nation, being approved as team leaders, and determining an initial location!

Blessings in the Team Community
God sent us the right people at the right time:

  • Sarah Reber and Ashley Wood, two new teachers for our missionary kids
  • Larissa Funk and Scott Will, short term medical help
  • Bethany Ferguson, intern leader and friend!
  • A great group of summer interns
  • Ministry to the team by Stu and Ruth Ann Batstone and Donovan Graham, pointing us to Jesus just when we needed it most
  • Emergency care from Dan and Gini when team evacuated

SORROWS OF 2007:  War, Disease, Death, and Goodbyes

  • ADF incursions led to insecurity early 2007
  • CSB near-riots led to temporary school closure and slow process of reconciliation
  • Annelise Pierce long illness and thyroid surgery, four month HMA unexpected
  • Two team families making decisions to move on from Bundibugyo, good process but painful anticipation of separations
  • End of term for Kim, Amy, Scott Ickes, and Pamela
  • Gray’s abrupt departure to pursue evaluation for Chase, great loss
  • Ebola Epidemic
  • Death of Dr. Jonah Kule


  • For godly grieving.  The Kingdom is a dangerous business.
  • For courage and perseverance.  Pray we would not give up.  
  • For wisdom and leadership through a year of extreme transition.
  • For our family:  unity, love, recovery, educational plans for kids.


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this...the blessings are plentiful, but we know that the sorrow has been, too. Right this minute I've been in prayer for you, and for your family, team, the people of Uganda--and your ministry there. Thank you for representing us in furthering the kingdom. You touch our lives in ways you will probably never know. Thank you, and may God BLESS your 2008!

James said...

Hello, y'all!
Three things...
thank you for the updates. We prayed for you again at church tonight, people asking how things are working out.
Second, who are the Massos? It has long been a dream to go to the Sudan, so I am just interested in them.
Finally, I may be able to move to Uganda by the end of the year. I would love to get together with you then!!
God bless!!

Jim Knox