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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ebola Survivors - 2 Bundibugyo Health Workers

Dr. Steven Sessanga, the Medical Superintendent of Bundibugyo Hospital, was formally discharged as an Ebola survivor yesterday. President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, called him on the phone yesterday to congratulate him on his recovery. His illness lasted for nearly two weeks. His exposure occurred during his care for Mr. Muhindo Jeremiah, the same patient from which Dr. Jonah contracted the Ebola virus.

Issac, a nursing assistant at the Kikyo Health Unit also recovered from a prolonged illness due to Ebola infection. His severe vomiting and diarrhea resulted in his need for 61 bottles of IV fluid. He's currently back on the job, effectively immunized and safe from any infection from the Ebola-Bundibugyo strain (the title of the strain has not yet been determined).

District officials would like to capitalize on the fact that some patients--even health workers--are surviving Ebola. There's a tremendous resistance to admission to either Isolation Ward, as it is perceived as a death sentence. The experience of these two heroes challenges that fear.


jane. said...

* praise Jesus. still thinking of y'all. hope luke make it back safely.

Philip and Kathleen said...

We rejoice with you in their recovery! Glory to God!

Ssegujja Edgar Francis said...

Thanx be to God. My daddy Dr.Ssesanga Kaddu is fine. I've prayed night and day that my dad could get fine, and atlast God has answered my prayers. Thanx God
And i would like to thank the Scotts for the good work they've done to make sure my dad gets fine and for trying to treat those people out there in Bundibugyo.God shall reward you abundantly. Dad i love you so much. Dr. Sessanga' son Ssegujja Edgar Francis